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Default How to add accessories to both hands/body slots?
I'm trying to make this new interaction with which I need accessories to appear.

I've tried to check through various objects (prop hacks, skating rink etc. etc.) which use accessories and I'm able to create the accessory on one hand, but need help creating them in both hands. (I've tried many different ways: create, snap into etc. and none of them work! So I don't know what to do anymore.)

In this particular case, the object/accessory is so big that it covers the whole hand, so the animate overlay/hand pose is not necessarily needed. It worked fine with the 'create new object instance - create object in hand (02)' way, BUT I'd like to know for future reference how it's done with the hand pose... (and body slots)

Basic principle what I'm trying to do: add accessory (in this case, the same one) on both hands (either 'create in the hand' or in the hand slot) and then list of animations to complete the interaction. It is fine if the accessory disappears after by itself.

The problem is that it only appears on one hand (right) of course! So, if anyone knows any suggestions how to make this work, I'm so grateful!

Also, I'd like to know how to add accessories in the sims body slots in general. What is the right way/code to do it? Which operands to use etc.?

Huge thanks in advance! (Or, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Echo... )
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Apparently, I can be summoned. Just like Beetlejuice!

Can you not simply run two Create New Object Instances, one against each of the hand slots? Or if automatic despawning is a problem, the wrist/bracelet slots?
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Originally Posted by Echo

Can you not simply run two Create New Object Instances, one against each of the hand slots? Or if automatic despawning is a problem, the wrist/bracelet slots?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for answering! I'm so excited. If anyone knows what to do, it's you !

This is excactly what I've been trying to do - simply can't do it! What is the right code to create it in the hand slots? And in the left hand slot? I've been trying to experiment so many different things (I have tons of pie menu strings in the object to try if any of them work), so it's pretty difficult to even explain all the different commands I have tried and how they have not worked (errors, undefined transition, jump bug, nothing happens etc... ), but I will do that and copy the tried commands if that's the information you need to solve this.

At first, I will try to just ask you though, if you can explain me the necessary commands without the above info . If not, I'm happy to provide it. I was just so excited that you had actually answered, so I had to reply immediately.

When I for instance looked up the dollhouse (it creates two dolls, you know), it had so many expression commands in it that I simply don't understand that. I've been desperately trying to learn everything related to BHAVs and creating objects in general, and of course I get the general idea of how the commands work, but unfortunately what I don't get are the multiple expression commands (put stack object ID in local this and temp 0003 in temp that) so it's hard to copy the code from other objects without knowing in what those lines refer to . (Like for instance, in this case, I don't know whether they refer to creating the object in the other hand, or in something else entirely.)

Wish there was an ultimate BHAV guide . (Yes, I've read the Adidas tutorials and everything possible out there, I think.) Sorry for the excessive usage of smiles, I'm just so excited.

And again, thank you so much for answering! Wish you weren't retired, the community needs you .

Tell me anything I need to tell you about the object, and I will answer! (Now I'm gonna check up this thread daily. Sorry for the delay in answering - I checked it in the couple of first days, and then I was sure that no one's ever gonna answer it anyway!)

Second question: In your tutorial you explained that not all the anims will work. Alright, I get that. But what I find confusing is that some of the anims I've tried seem to work after certain anims and not after some others. I.e. when I've tried to create different series to test the anims out in the game, let's say series A has five commands and they all work, and series B has in the middle the same anim command that worked fine in the series A, will not work in the B. Sometimes nothing happens when I run, say series C, although it had in it an anim that worked in the series A. Weird...

Then, I tried to use the Bon Voyage anims: hula, tai chi and slap dance. Well, they can do the slap and the tai chi just fine (well, not exactly all the anims related worked, but at least most), but the hula (which I really needed) won't work at all. Any idea why this is? Do I really have to check every anim I plan to use individually in the game to check if it works or not, or is there any knowing beforehand? It seems to be pretty random to me...
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Oh man, I feel like the worst person in the world right now.
I checked this thread the next day, then lost it. Then I just found it again now and I am the worst person in the history of people.

But on the off chance that either you're still interested, or someone else has stumbled on this thread looking for the same answer, I'll do my best.

Part of being a very retired modder is that I haven't had the game installed for many years, so I can't look up the specific code you need. However, I know that if you download the wand from my "Sourcery" set, there's a line in there which specifically creates a new object in hand. You should be able to copy that command exactly, then substitute your GUID in the appropriate place.

As for some animations not playing right in sequence... I can't imagine why that would be if you're running the vanilla "play animation" command. Hula is definitely not an IK animation, because I used it in my intro to BHAVs tutorial, so if you're getting errors playing that one then something else is wrong. I'd suggest you check the animation params against the vanilla set (which I did document in the beginner's guide to BHAVs, if you want to copy) and if they're at all different, switch them back to the vanilla ones until you're more confident with what they all do.
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Well I for one am glad you answered anyway, because I had a similar question, but mine had to do with a sponge!
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