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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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Lab Assistant
#51 Old Yesterday at 4:44 PM
That's so sad, I hope she'll get better.
Test Subject
#52 Old Yesterday at 7:07 PM
My thoughts and prayers go out to Sunni.
#53 Old Today at 8:05 AM
Have just listened to the latest audio. It's hard to hear, but I believe I got the gist of it; that in her very specific case, there are no viable options. I believe I hear Dr Naval explaining that it's not the size of the clot that is an issue but where it extends to, so even extreme thermal therapy wouldn't be an option.

I'm physically shaking for Stas and family right now. Stas, sweetheart, if all else should fall through, we can all know that Sunni will pass oblivious to any pain or mental awareness. For her, she'll be going from a normal day, with you, on earth, suddenly in to the Lords loving arms. That's one thing we all have to remember about passing. We, as observers, might be seeing suffering and 'the end' of a life, but to the soul transitioning, they're going from one place to another in the blink of an eye. For them, it's not the end but the start. The start of their lives in their true home and in their glorified, unblemished, faultless bodies. A kind of perfect we can't comprehend while we live here.

But, it's not the end until it happens. I very much believe in miracles and have heard stories you wouldn't believe if they weren't told by surgeons themselves. It's not about whether God can, but whether he will, and in either case God is absolutely just. That's one thing we can always be guaranteed; He is always right.

I'm sure by now that 'staying strong' is just about impossible for you right now Stas, so I shan't say that. Instead you need to know that things will be okay. Don't focus on the big picture. Focus on one hour at a time and no more. Tell the others there (her parents?) the same thing. Hug each other whenever you need it. I didn't know Sunni, but I imagine she would want her dearest loved ones to come together when any one of them suffers. My husband and I are praying often for you all.

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Mad Poster
Original Poster
#54 Old Today at 12:46 PM
Beautifully put, Bubblebeam. I woke up this morning with Sunni on my mind and have been praying for her and her family nonstop since then.

It's hard because we usually don't know the reasons why these things happen. Sometimes we can look back later and understand, but often it remains a mystery to us. In Sunni's case it seems the doctors are learning a lot that can help others down the road. That's cold solace, I know, but that is often how medical science advances.

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
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