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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Lab Assistant
#3401 Old 20th Jun 2018 at 9:49 PM
I added @joandsarah77 's retirement home to Strangetown and I've been loving it more than I thought! I decided to make Vidcund and his new husband Troy as the owners. Vidcund just made it to the top of the science career and is a mad scientist, so his hours shouldn't interfere too much with running the home. Troy quit his job to manage the home full-time. (side note from my previous post: Troy is a tourist so that's why he stayed at the Curious house for like 5 days straight )

I made some changes to the place, but overall pretty much the same. Current residents are the Goodies, the Jocques, Dora Ottomas, and Makoto St. Julien.

Thanks for a great lot!

(pics are in reverse order apparently, oh well!)

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#3402 Old 20th Jun 2018 at 11:14 PM
Thanks for the ping @TheDraizeTrain I love seeing my lots getting used. :D

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#3403 Old 20th Jun 2018 at 11:54 PM
So by now Cassandra Goth is a teenager and despite being very shy she actually has made a lot of friends so I decided to have her throw a pool party, which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to have her share her first kiss with Malcolm Landgraab. However than I realized that she has a lot of friends among the other female teenagers; Kaylynn Langerak, Jennifer Pleasant, Denise Jeffres(Denise Jacquet) Brandi Newbie, Dina Caliente and Katrina Caliente (the Caliente Cousin, meaning the cousin of Dina and Nina) but...Malcolm is the only boy she's close to. She tried to invite Brandi's and Kaylynn's brothers, but they didn't show up.
So...it was literally a pool party of 7 girls and a single boy Malcom must have a lot of confidence In the end everything went well and Cassandra got her kiss with Malcolm.
My in-game-born version of Malcolm is, thankfully less orange than the one that comes with Bluewater Village and a little bit better looking. Though he does look a bit like an evil hobbit.

Otherwise there were also a lot of other changes in the Goth household; Cornelia and Gunther have passed on, as have their cats. Magnus (Mortimer's and Bella's first son in my neighbourhood) grew up into a child and Alexander was born. Bella also inducted Cassandra into witchcraft. The lore passes on to the next generation.

And finally I have worked out a way to hopefully keep the neighbourhood from becoming waaaay to big for me to handle: aside from those families that need a set a mount of kids to lead to the "canon" version of Pleasantview (for example Brandi and Skip Broke will still get three kids) the number of children a couple will conceive will now depend on the aspirations of both parents: family+family = up to 3 children, family+other= up to 2 children, other+other = one child.
The exception to the rule will be the three "principal" families of the city: the Goths, the Landgraabs and the Crumplebottoms, who will be allowed to have as many babies as it takes to get a male heir.

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Lab Assistant
#3404 Old 21st Jun 2018 at 2:09 PM
Here's Natasha being a good stepmother - Pascal and Natasha are finally dating and Seren has aged up into a toddler

I'm suddenly reminded that Natasha is my absolute favourite sim.
Lab Assistant
#3405 Old 21st Jun 2018 at 4:13 PM
Main house: Elizabeth, my legacy founder, and her husband Malcolm just aged up to elders.
Their heir, Aidan (so named because when Elizabeth was pregnant with him, she burned to death. Luckily, Malcolm saved her life.) just reached the top of the journalism career.
His daughter, Zoe, just moved off to Sim State University, where she is studying....philosophy, I think.
Lab Assistant
#3406 Old 21st Jun 2018 at 8:35 PM
The fateful picture of Seren Curious that is my avatar. Isn't she just gorgeous? She has cute puffy lips and - aaaah! She sleeps in the bear onsie
Field Researcher
#3407 Old Yesterday at 12:03 AM
I have a hood called Zombie Apocalypse that was really just set up as a test hood so that I could work on tweaking Pescado's zombieapoc to be used without his thefightclub before putting it in a real hood, but I've kinda fallen in love with the test hood.

I made one zombie zero, then pretty quickly everyone got sick and became zombies except for children. A few children managed to lock an uninfected adult indoors away from the hordes so that they would still have an adult caretaker, but the majority were left fending for themselves. The eating brains, and infection, and turning was hilarious! I put in real sickness and many zombies got sick. Lots of great grim reaper scenes....

Then I needed the test space for something else and it didn't work to have everyone a zombie, so I decided to try a cure. I invited a big crowd of zombies to a community fountain that would just happen to cure zombiism. Lucky them. They lined up to take the cure, now not a blueskin around, but the aftermath is almost as funny.

The few children who kept an adult alive are left with odd characters, like one little girl took refuge with the (cloned) Therapist (he looks cute in jammies, btw) and they are still locked in a bunker together unaware that the war is over. Most sims are happy to be cured, but a bunch of them are angry at the sims who attacked and turned them and keep poking and arguing, and a few cured sims still walk with a limp, a glitch that's too funny to fix. All of this fun, and I wasn't even playing! I love The Sims!
Mad Poster
#3408 Old Yesterday at 5:16 PM
The reprieve was short. The Ademanda-Lapham clan had been sent to the prison hood because of the discovery that Cristoforo was a vampire. Somehow the Council discovered the family was doing pretty well there and had added up quiiiiite a few simoleans. They were, in fact, really loaded.

This, of course, had NOTHING to do with the fact that the Council decided to forgive them and return them in good standing back to their former status. They gave them a tiny house, much too small, but granted them permission to alter the structure to meet their needs. They also forgave the fact that all the women and one of the men were pregnant. After all, they were from the prison hood. One must make allowances.

I got the idea they would probably turn a blind eye to almost anything. But, their hand was forced. One of Octavio's coworkers informed the Council that Octavio is not just a stupid-looking person, but is, in fact, a card-carrying bigfoot. Duh Duh DUN (cue large gasp)

The Council had no choice other than to exterminate him and exile the group (and their millions) back to Nowhere, the prison hood.

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
Mad Poster
#3409 Old Yesterday at 6:02 PM
I am quite sure that Council has far too little to do! When did they last do anything productive? Really, it is time for the taxpayers to stand up against them and demand their money's worth! They should be fixing roads or something.

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Mad Poster
#3410 Old Yesterday at 7:38 PM
The Council appreciates your interest in our lovely country. We can assure the roads are kept in spit-spot condition. Citizens are happy and there is joy throughout the land.

Thank you, again, for your interest. We would love to book you a vacation here and maybe to interest you if you decide to make your time here permanent.

Really, we are kind and benign. :3

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
Top Secret Researcher
#3411 Old Yesterday at 7:59 PM
I just reinstalled my game. Time to see if nothing's broken :P
Mad Poster
#3412 Old Yesterday at 8:17 PM
Yes! Give Cassandra the happy life she deserves!

Are you playing Beginning Pleasantview or the actual hood?

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
Mad Poster
#3413 Old Yesterday at 9:47 PM
Originally Posted by smorbie1
The Council appreciates your interest in our lovely country. We can assure the roads are kept in spit-spot condition. Citizens are happy and there is joy throughout the land.

Thank you, again, for your interest. We would love to book you a vacation here and maybe to interest you if you decide to make your time here permanent.

Really, we are kind and benign. :3

So the council has a number of snake oil salespeople too?

Windows 10 and the Ultimate Collection
#3414 Old Yesterday at 10:26 PM
My little legacy family--Algar, the founder, haunted the first time. Zuriel, the heir, was pleased to see him. Opal, his wife, was delighted to see him. He made all the beds--Harlow'd left hers unmade, so had Opal. He cleaned the toilets and baths Zuri hadn't gotten to. He left pregnant Meadow alone, and Harlow (who is neither secondary nor primary knowledge like the two sims he did haunt). Such a nice ghost! I'll see if he keeps it up. Zuri is one of triplet boys, so four first gen kids total, Harlow is much younger, she was born after the boys were teens.

Main House:
Opal's gotten two LTWs--Top Journalism and Earn $100,000, and she has a long stretch of grandmothering time left. She started life as the Nature Hobby sim, so came in with the Gold Gardening badge. She grows a lot of beautiful eggplants and takes care of Algar's apple tree.

Zuri went permaplat around the time he graduated from LTA points. Still hasn't found his LTW job in Oceanography, but is working in Natural Science because Fortune sim, and honestly there isn't anything for him to do once the toilets are cleaned anyway. Opal might have left him one plant to chat with for the day.

Meadow wants six grandkids. That's going to be a while. New baby on the way. We're hoping for a boy, but any baby will be a perfectly wonderful baby.

Baby Abilene, blond haired little girl, just born. Toddler soon. That'll give the grownups something to do. She's got the baby mesh that indicates the elf ears.

Harlow, youngest of the first generation, now in Uni.

Mutt and Abbey, the dogs, puppies on the way.

Spares: Peter and Sophie (nee Miguel) and toddler son Michael rent a townhouse near the family house. Peter and Sophie both work full time--Journalism and Athletics respectively. He's permaplat off of LTA, but topping Journalism is his LTW. She's working on $100,000. Alan is expecting kid #2 thanks to aliens. They are a low drama high power career couple, which is good, because the other triplet is . . . really not. (I forgot a fire alarm in their unit kitchen. Oops.)

Alan rents the townhouse next to Peter, Sophie, and Michael. (Same apartment building. I had to switch his toilet and shower because he couldn't get in the shower. Oops.) He's working on a 20 simultaneous loves, also permaplat off of LTA. He has a secondary of Family. He is the drama vector. He has a child with Marsha Bruenig. He is engaged to (but she's currently furious with him, because he let Marsha flirt with him at Harlow's first toga party) Chloe Gonzoga. He'll get her over it, he has before. (Or not. Unfortunately I screwed up and deleted him last night and exited without saving--silly simmer with teleporter cat. So he did not in fact get demoted because Chloe was angry. He did not get left at the wedding arch even though she'd just woohooed with him. It was all a really horrible nightmare. I'll see if he 'learned' from any of it next time I log on.)

Marsha owns the corner unit on the block. She lives there, working in the slacker career, with a LTW of max 7 skills, with toddler daughter (father is Alan) Alana. It's not that she doesn't love Alan, because she does. He's just a really lousy choice of person to be with. So she enjoys the time she spends with him, but doesn't obsess over him when he's not around. She knows he's not the faithful type--he's the exact opposite of his father, who never even thought of looking at anyone but his mother. And Marsha is absolutely okay with being herself without a spouse.

Harlow has made it to college. Her LTW is five top businesses, which is simply not going to happen: she's not going to get played that much. She landed in the dorm, and promptly called the Greek placeholder, Orlando Bertino, whom she's been best friends with since she first came to her brothers' toga parties. He came over and admitted her immediately. So she lived in the dorms for all of forty-five minutes before she moved to the Greek house. Orlando is another 20 lovers LTW Romance sim. He's up to eleven at the end of his Junior year. Harlow thinks he's hot--does the swoon thing--followed by the disgusted thing at whoever he's seeing that moment. Orlando has slightly smarter tastes than his good friend Alan in women: he has not yet managed to attach himself to anyone who expects faithfulness. Also his professor is a romance sim, so that's cool. (Academic misconduct, much? Yes. But it fits him soooo much. She might get her elder butt fired though.) Orlando has never met a woman he didn't think was beautiful. Harlow threw her first toga party, inviting her friends, her brothers, and their spouses/fiances. Marsha happens to be a friend of hers, even though Marsha's older. Marsha flirted with Alan in front of Chloe AGAIN. She's done this multiple times, every toga party they've both been at, which is all of them because, well, childhood friends. Chloe hates her and they've resorted to fistfights before. This time Harlow stepped in to occupy Marsha while Chloe slapped Alan for a change, instead of Marsha. Then Chloe engaged in a brief affair with Orlando-just for the length of the party. Orlando sees absolutely no moral issues with his best friend's fiance hooking up with him. None whatsoever. In fact, he really seems to not see any moral issues in life anywhere at all! He's promised no one anything, has no commitments-other than keep the Greek House open until Harlow gets there, and she has, and anyone else's commitments are their lookout, not his.

What I've done is aged up the child and teen sims the legacy kids were close with as they've grown up. I haven't figured out a way to move townie teens directly to dormies, so they have to become playable for just a moment along the way, but I move them in and turn them straight into dormies with just a pause to randomize any stuck with Grow Up aspirations (which is how Marsha got knowledge and Chloe got family, but both were already involved with Alan as teens). I feel like they're still fair game for heir's spouses. If I get the feel that anyone is a really close friend, even though I won't play them, I'll have them grow up and stay townies and age and die with their friends. Algar and Opal didn't have anyone that close--both started as adults, though. I think there may be just a couple from the first generations' friends. When I need more child townies I'll spawn them. I found a hack that lets a sim ask their dormie friends to graduate without having to move them in (it lets them ask any friends to grow up, but I only need it for dormie to adult, I can use game mechanics for regular birthdays).

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Mad Poster
#3415 Old Today at 12:52 AM
The baby production fever in Tinsel Town is almost over...Lynne Walton had twins...Sam and Rebecca Walton. (I'm tempted to make Sam a fortune sim later and have him own a few stores...)-now on to the Stewart family and it's the last family to have children, for this generation...I hope. 25 and going strong!

I hate that ACR's birth control switches are so terribly efficient!

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Lab Assistant
#3416 Old Today at 2:18 AM
I sent Austin Castillo- newly aged to adult and much more attractive than I expected- to the local dive bar to meet some ladies.

There were 10 women on the lot. 4 of them were visibly pregnant. 2 others were in the 1st trimester. Why are all these pregnant women hanging out in a dingy bar on the wrong side of town at 1am? And 2 of the remaining non-pregnant women were a lesbian couple.

Oh, and then this happened:

The guy creeping on Austin at the urinal is married with 2 kids.

Needless to say, Austin did not have a successful outing.
Mad Poster
#3417 Old Today at 2:03 PM
Originally Posted by Justpetro
So the council has a number of snake oil salespeople too?

lol. Well....I think the Council has a keen interest in people who criticize it. That said **looks around checking for eavesdroppers**, it doesn't always do things that make a lot of sense **whispers that last part**

An example is the moving of the rich family back to the prison hood. I mean, they forgave the debt so they could have the tax revenue, but they didn't even wait till tax season to move them back. I think I would have just locked the guy up or drug out some kind of show trial, at least until I got the income tax.

Another example, just happened. The Goth kids are all on their own since Bella died in a house fire. They were okay and could pay a marginal amount of taxes.

The Council discovered they were on their own, and in a fit of uncommon kindness, sent them an adult to care for them. Her arrival meant the family no longer had enough money to pay a little tax and instead was considered fiscal wasters. This got them all sent to the prison hood. Time elapsed from entry into playing this family and their expulsion was about 3 minutes.

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#3418 Old Today at 4:55 PM
Elgin – Round 8 – Ferguson

Newly adult Hiolater Ferguson moved out her father’s home upon receiving her trust fund money. She brought a 2-bedroom brick house, some new clothes, and some furniture. A few sim days later, with over $100,000 in household funds, Hiolater purchase the town’s only sports bar. She decided to have the bar open for a few hours that night, just to see how the residents would take to it. Apparently, the residents love the bar because, after midnight, there was a couple that was engaged.

One of the mayor’s children, Brian Nevin visited the bar to see what all the hype was about. After buying a ticket, he ate a piece of candy from the party dispenser. Then he started to feel dizzy. Suddenly, he went over to the bartender (and his best friend) Gaspar Lusk and asked for his hand in marriage. Gaspar happily accepted. Hiolater was too busy to react to the engagement, but I was shocked. So shocked that I had Hiolater close the bar and return home, so I could visit Brian and Gaspar households.

The engagement between Brian and Gaspar is unusual for Elgin because everyone’s sexual preference is straight. It’s just a thing that happens, everyone gets married or have children by the opposite sex. So, Brian and Gaspar are the first gay couple in Elgin’s history. I’m still shocked and unsure what to do with in regards of the engagement. However, in the meantime, I have a feeling that the bar will have more surprise hookups, so I will see if Hiolater can open it again before her round is over.

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#3419 Old Today at 5:09 PM Last edited by Bigsimsfan12 : Today at 6:46 PM.
Over in the main Capp household, the heiress (Celia) missed her first day of school, starting her off with a D report card. Not the best. If she doesn't improve, she might lose her influence with the rest of the Capps and be dethroned like Juliette was. Rebeck, her older brother, missed school too but that only dropped his A+ to a B+. Not too much to worry about.

Over in the 'second in command' Capp household, Tybalt invited around all the wealthy children in the neighbourhood to befriend his twin girls. Audrey took that as a way of finding a future husband. She's very much like her father. Ideally, she would like to marry Rebeck Capp (distant enough relation) to keep her side of the family in power, but she's also considered marrying a different wealthy family (She has been socialising with both Eric and John Goth, Eric being the heir) and then using her friendship with Rebeck and his sister Celia to have an arranged marriage with their future children, ensuring her future bloodline to be in charge. Cleopatra (Audrey's twin) on the other hand doesn't care about any of that. She socialised with the Caliente-DeBateau triplets, John Goth and Dudley Cleveland. Tybalt's oldest child, Lucius is considered a 'lost cause' as he fell in love with a girl in the orphanage. He's only a lost cause according to the Capp family in charge though, his mother Lilith (Pleasant) is pleased, and secretly so is Tybalt.

Titania Summerdream became an elder today. They already had a huge almost-game-crashing party last rotation for Oberon's birthday, so this time they only had a small party. She invited over Puck, Bottom and their families and spent most of the time socialising with her 3 grandchildren: Rosaline, Tomara (twins of Puck) and Angelo (Bottom's son).

Benedick is getting a little anxious about living on the Capp side of Veronaville. They live next door to the Summerdream family, and as Bottom bought the house before she married Benedick, they still have the household name 'Summerdream' despite all being Monty's, so nobody has really paid much attention to it yet. Even so, their son Angelo is at the same age Benedick was when his mother was murdered by the Capo's. As such he keeps rolling wants to get another dog (The Monty family breed wolf-dogs as protection) and keeps rolling wants to become a werewolf.

Today is little Elizabeth Capo's first birthday. It was considered scandalous when Hal Capp graduated college and refused Tybalt's offer of money to buy a huge house for his future family. It worked out though, him and his wife AnaĂŻs (Gavigan) live in quite a large house, but it's mostly empty on the inside. Now that Elizabeth is a toddler, they've finally been able to afford a crib for her.

Desdemona gave the biggest middle-finger to the Capps when she graduated and was declared "not Capp material" due to her bad grades (C's! Not that bad! And a 2.5 GPA in college), Fondness for her older sister Miranda (who is no longer allowed to carry the Capp name), and the fact she got pregnant during college with a 'lower class family'. After moving in and having not enough money for anything other than bare necessities, whilst also having a toddler to worry about, she received some money from a genie lamp. Giving her enough to fully furnish her house. She offered some of the money to her brother Hal, he politely declined but is secretly furious she would even offer. Nevertheless, Beau Broke (her daughter's father) moved in slightly later and the family of 3 are very happy together.

Puck and Hermia Summerdream welcomed in their third child, Pyramus. Otherwise a pretty uneventful household to play this rotation. They've just moved into a bigger house in preparation of the birth so I've mostly been decorating. Pyramus had a 50% chance of becoming a Warlock, upon rolling a random number generator (he rolled 37)- he has no magical powers at all. His children will have 18.5% (37 halved) chance of becoming a Warlock (provided he marries a normie).

* Ignore every time my phone autocorrects Capp to Capo

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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