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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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#5001 Old Yesterday at 1:10 AM
Originally Posted by Rosawyn
Google returns nothing for that name, is he a born in game sim? Also, is one of them an elder?

Sorry Camelo Lothario my mistake. No both of them are adults, but both of them are men, and wasn't the original debate about whether same sex couples can classic dance?

Well in my game they can, and I don't seem to have an extra mod for that either, unless the SameSexMerriage mod adds that.
#5002 Old Yesterday at 1:46 AM
I thought since you quoted my post you were attempting to disprove it all at once, sorry. I'm pretty sure same-sex couples (both m/m and f/f) can classic dance in my game.
#5003 Old Yesterday at 2:12 AM
I just saw the post about the fire mod. I don't think I'll bother with that one. If Sims are stupid enough to run to a fire and get close enough to catch fire, they deserve to die. Harsh isn't it. I have to leave options open for killing them off. Can't have them overpopulating.
Lab Assistant
#5004 Old Yesterday at 5:25 AM
I'm not sure if this is mod behavior or not, but I was playing the Smith household in Strangetown when something I have never seen in over ten years of playing occurred. Jill is a teen and is on a bit of a wild streak. She's sneaking around with boys and girls, going out on dates, throwing parties -- her parents' worst nightmare. This particular night, she had Santiago Goth over from Pleasantview. It was late, about 2am, and they were on their way up to the bedroom, sneaking past a slumbering Jenny on the couch, when Jenny jumps up and immediately starts lecturing Jill. Jill is wringing her hands and looking very sheepish and ashamed, and two notifications arise on the right-hand corner. One says, from Jenny, "Jill, this is not how we behave in this house!" and the other says "How could you violate my trust like this, young lady?" I've never seen or heard of this before! Is this standard game behavior? Has anyone else had this experience?
Mad Poster
#5005 Old Yesterday at 5:34 AM
Yes. If a teen is caught coming home from sneaking out she gets this lecture from her parents. It's a random chance thing that's been there since base game.

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#5006 Old Yesterday at 6:37 AM
That's what I figured, I was just surprised as Jill hadn't snuck out at all. She and her date had been at home the entire time, so my interpretation of it was that Jenny was appalled she had a boy over so late in the night. The reactions still translate about the same sentiment.
Mad Poster
#5007 Old Yesterday at 2:23 PM
Originally Posted by Rosawyn
Darn it, I want sims to be able to slow dance in silence. But I want elders to be able to classic dance with adults. A dilemma.

If you remind me I will take a look at it once brain fog is better. Need more focus-ability to look at social tests, too many levels for current capacity So remind me in say a week or two?

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.
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