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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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#14226 Old Today at 4:28 PM
Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
Attraction score - check that the Sim hasn't lost her aspiration (there will be a blank icon). If they did, InSim/Blender/Manipulator or the big globey aspiration reward can fix it.

OMG, @Bulbizarre! You are frackin brilliant! Thank you so much. I had never noticed, but no wonder she was so depressed and anti-social, poor thing had totally lost the will to live!

Originally Posted by Bubblebeam
Is there a way to disable a sim owned restaurant table without actually removing it?

Do you want it to be decorative (no one uses it, you could clone an object that looks like a table) or you want only the owner to use it (you could maybe disallow visitors from using it)?
#14227 Old Today at 5:15 PM
how do i make a "show spoiler" ? i've forgotten but i need to upload my strangetown trading places curious makeover.

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#14228 Old Today at 5:19 PM
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All HTML tags are done this way: [Tag] Content [/Tag] The code named by the tag will apply to everything between the two sets of brackets.

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