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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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#1 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 10:15 PM
Default The Arrested Legacy
Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the heirs and heiresses who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s…’

Arrested Legacy

So, you’ve done it all. Ten, if not more or a little less, generations of happy, successful sims. They’ve had their dramas, their lives play out, but more or less, things went fairly well. Now they’re sitting pretty in their mansion or estate, looking out at the rest of SimNation feeling like nothing could stop them.

Let’s change that, shall we? A scandal erupts, true or false, and in short, your family ends up with nothing but the clothes on their back and a now empty home they have to pay for. On top of that, a lot of underlying neuroses begin to show themselves, and your family ends up becoming a favorite of local tabloids for centuries to come.

It’s up to you, the Simmer, to fix this. Take this now infamous family, and restore them to their former glory.

The Setup
This is intended to be done in the middle of an ordinary legacy challenge. The writing will assume no handicaps were chosen, although they may be accounted for by the player. As always with any challenge, use your discretion.
  • Begin by selling off everything of non-sentimental value you own in the house. Photos, for instance, may remain, as could portraits OF sims, but a still-life worth $600 of some fruit may not. Career rewards and aspiration rewards must go as well.
  • Everything sold? Excellent. Now familyfunds every single cent you own away. You’ll be playing with nada, zip, zero, zilch, intentionally leaving you with to cover your architecture taxes.
  • You’ll be using a fresh generation to begin with. You may keep Sims from the generation before the challenge began around, and they won’t suffer from any of the negatives of the challenge, but they will be forbidden from interacting with anyone outside of the family or taking jobs, or even leaving the house what soever (Consider it house arrest).

The Rules

Your fresh generation will be the first to suffer from the infamy their family now has. This infamy has led to some...quirks presenting themselves, that will need to be dealt with, if you have any hope of restoring their good name.

Every Aspiration will suffer from its own problems, and must be dealt with so long as a Sim is present with said Aspiration, but only if a alive with that Aspiration. After the Aspiration major goal is cleared, the problems will fade with the next generation. The Sim that cleared said final goal and anybody still alive from previous generations will still suffer from their neuroses.

Fortune Or; The Embezzler: “Look, my family used to sleep on piles of Simoleons and now they have nothing. You’re gonna tell me it’s wrong to take from them to make sure I’m safe?”

Sims with the Fortune Aspiration will suffer from a chronic case of kleptomania. They will find themselves embezzling or outright stealing from work whenever possible. And, they don’t stop at just work. They will also siphon from your family, ensuring they have money if another scandal erupts. Worst yet the siphon goes into an offshore bank account, untouchable by your family.

  • Every week they’re employed, roll a die. If the number is even, subtract three days of wages from the family funds. If the number is odd, roll the die again. If it comes even, proceed to subtract the three day’s wages. If it’s odd, they must quit their job due to their embezzlement being discovered. They are allowed to rejoin the same career.
  • However: At the cost of 100k, or 50% of the household funds, whichever is less, they may keep their job.
  • Fortune Sims must be employed. The longest they may go as adults without a career is two days. Career hopping is allowed.

Pleasure Or; The Narcissist: “I tell you what; you stop embarrassing this family, and I’ll stop drinking. See, the difference is one of us can actually stop.”

Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration will have to deal with their own narcissism. This leads to them ostracizing the family from society due to their rather cold and self serving attitudes, as well as causing fights within the family due to their manipulation.
  • This Sim will not be allowed to have more than three friendships at a given time, including within the family. They must also have at least five enemies at a given time, with at least two within the family.
  • As long as a Narcissist is within the family, each family member must remain enemies with at least one other family member. This does not scale if there is more Narcissists within the family.
  • Every Wednesday, roll a die. If the number is even, ignore this. If it is odd, the Narcissist will cause a scandal to erupt. This will cause the family to lose 10% of their funds, or 20k, whichever is less. The Narcissist will also be obligated to make and keep one more enemy.

Knowledge Or; The Holier-Than-Thou: “Ugh, yes I belong to that family. No, I don’t have anything to do with *that*. Believe me, I wish I wasn’t even related to them.”

Sims with the Knowledge Aspiration will suffer from the belief that they’re better than their family, despite their own faults. This causes them to isolate themselves, and not realize their own issues.
  • Knowledge Sims cannot take jobs as Teens or Elders, seeing such part-time work as below them.
  • Knowledge Sims can only be friends with their parents and spouses, within the family. If a parent is a Narcissist, they must be the required enemy.
  • Knowledge Sims may only take jobs in their desired career path (LTW). If they do not have one, it must be Science, Oceanography, Medical, or Gaming.
  • Knowledge Sims may not refuse chance cards, and may not take ‘Business Instinct’
  • You must flip a coin for each chance card, including Freetime chance cards. If the card causes them to be fired or demoted, a minor scandal will occur. Subtract 5% of family funds.
  • Only Knowledge Sims may build skills as Children, and the only skills Teens may learn is for their career track. Yes, this applies to scholarship earning.

Romance Or; The Lothario: “Hey, my family name used to mean anybody I looked at would get in bed with me. Why should that change just because nobody likes us?”

Romance Sims will find themselves completely unable to control their tongues, constantly acting out in public.
  • Aside from the family, Lotharios may only interact positively with Sims they have at least two attraction bolts with.
  • Any Sim with negative attraction can only be negatively interacted with.
  • Any sim with three attraction bolts must be flirted with by the Lothario at least twice per interaction session, regardless of success rates. This persists even after the Lothario is married, and regardless of location.
  • If your Sim brings a co-worker home of their preferred gender, flip a coin. If it is heads, nothing occurs. If it is tails, a sexual harassment case will ensue, causing a scandal. The Lothario must either quit their job or pay 10% of family funds/25k, whichever is less.
  • Lotharios must go on public dates once a week.
  • The Lothario may only marry a spouse with three attraction bolts.
  • If at any point the Lothario is caught cheating by their spouse, roll a die. If the number is even, they must get a divorce, with the spouse taking 50% of family funds as a settlement.
    Any children will remain part of the legacy family, as will any restriction progress the spouse has made.
    The Lothario is allowed, and encouraged, to remarry.
Family Or; The Loving: “Yeah, my family is pretty crazy. But, I love them, and better or worse I’m a part of them. Uh, emphasis on worse.”

Family Sims are a relative bastion of sanity in the family, their caringness outshining any negative qualities. However, they do have one issue in that they care too much, making them quite clingy.
  • A family gathering (outing) must be held weekly, and reach a max score.
  • All major events (Weddings, birthdays, funerals, e.t.c.) must have parties.
  • If a Loving Sim has a child, they must quit their job to become a homemaker. If two Loving Sims are parents, only one must quit.
  • No Occults may exist if a Loving Sim is around.
  • If any scandal occurs, add 10k if it is a flat amount, or 5% if a percentage due to the Loving Sim acting out in court.

Popularity Or; The Socialite: “God, do you know just how hard it is to get into any parties around here with our reputation for being lazy mooches? How am I supposed to think about working when I can’t even relax?”

Popularity Sims suffer from a craving to spend all their time around other people, attempting to do their best to avoid any work and distance themselves from the family.
  • A party must be hosted by The Socialite weekly. Birthday parties, wedding parties, and anniversaries count. If the party is a Dud, a scandal will occur. Subtract 20% of family funds.
  • Popularity Sims may not join any career track.
  • A Socialite must make one new friend per week, and is obligated to keep them. They must also invite any new friends to that week’s party, cycling old friends out as needed.
  • A Socialite must go on one perfect outing per week. Any objects gained as a reward for the outing may be kept, and sold. (Consider it the Socialite receiving free gifts from companies for sponsoring them.)

Misc. Restrictions: “We’re sorry, sir. Landgraab Industries only provides The Elixir of Life to our...exclusive clients.”

As a direct result of your families infamy, getting certain special objects is now impossible. Magical talents also seem to have been bled out, amongst other problems.
  • The only Aspiration reward you may purchase from the start is the Mint, on the condition you have had at least one Counterfeiter in the family. However, if you suffer a failure while using it, (I.E. the cops show up) you must pay 50% of family funds, and may not purchase anymore machines until a new Counterfeiter arises.
  • All other Aspiration Rewards, as well as Career Rewards, may not be redeemed.
  • HOWEVER: Every aspiration you clear allows the purchasing of one type of reward, or a career reward that you have unlocked. The Elixir of Life, Jumbok, Goontagen, Fame Star, Skill Vac, and Money Tree however may not be redeemed under any circumstances.
  • You may only have one occult per generation, and it must not be the same type as the previous generation.
  • Vampires must die with their spouses and witches may not use Thrones.
  • Genie Lamps may not be used, nor may Wishing Wells.
  • Sims may not sell any items they create (Novels, crafts, e.t.c.) or play/entertain for tips. Paintings may be hung, but not sold.
  • Chefs are allowed to use the Chocolate Machine.
  • Lawyers are not allowed to use the podium

  • The ONLY exception is failing a bill payment in College.

Lifting Restrictions

With all this in mind, there comes the problem of how to restore the family's good name in these spheres of life. Each Aspiration will have its own set of lifting requirements, that may or may not be fulfilled by multiple generations.

  • The family must amass at least 1,000,000 in bank while a Fortune Sim is present. (If the 1,000,000 is present before, as long as the Embezzler is around before it dips below 1,000,000, it counts.)
  • An Embezzler must reach the top of Business or Criminal.
  • The family must own three rank ten businesses, each created and leveled by a Embezzler
  • One must be a restaurant, another a store, and another a venue.
  • The family must have a total value of at least 2,000,000 (Taking into account property and business values as well as bank account)
  • The family’s house must have an art gallery, or vault, constructed while a Embezzler is alive.

“Alright, maybe I overreacted with the whole ‘I’m going to fly to SimValley the next time a scandal happens.’ The money is still mine though, besides, we got plenty now to our name. Our family is finally rich again!”

Fortune restrictions are lifted.

  • A Narcissist must reach the top of Law and Politics. Only one Narcissist may lift each one.
  • A Narcissist and their spouse must also max their career and every skill.
  • The family must spend 500,000 on a lifetime country club fee for the family once a Narcissist is an Elder.
  • The family house must have a bar-room, constructed while a Narcissist is alive.
  • Once the bar room is constructed, they must host a roof raiser, with the three Narcissist’s friends invited.

“Fine, I admit it. Maybe this family isn’t as pathetic as I thought it was. Don’t think for a second though that I’m changing anything.”

Pleasure restrictions are lifted.

  • A Holier-Than-Thou must reach the top of their desired career track.
  • A Holier-Than-Thou must max all 10 skills.
  • These must not be the same Sim. If a Sim’s LTW is to max all 10 skills, that is the restriction they have to lift. If you have a Sim with another ‘Max all 10’ LTW, you must re-roll their LTW using Batbox or the Aspiration Re-Roller.
  • This does not mean a Sim may not max all 10 skills, just that it will not count towards the restriction.
  • A Holier-Than-Thou must be abducted by aliens once per Life Stage, including Young Adult if they go to College. They must not use the Knowledge Reward to do so.
  • A Holier-Than-Thou must graduate with a 4.0 without using any influence or befriending/romancing a professor.
  • You must spend 750,000 at any point a Holier-Than-Thou is alive to establish a Scholarship in the family’s name.
  • You must construct a library in the house while a Holier-Than-Thou is alive.

“So I guess maybe my family isn’t all that bad. We’ve had some pretty smart people in it. I still think some of them are pretty stupid but, well, I think we’re finally starting to make a comeback.”

Knowledge restrictions are lifted.

  • A Lothario must have a single spouse from Adult to Elder, and celebrate a Golden Anniversary.
  • A Lothario must keep at least two lovers outside of their marriage, and never be caught.
  • A Loathrio must reach the top of Slacker, Show Business, Entertainer, or Adventurer.
  • A Lothario must WooHoo with a new Sim once a week. (This begins in YA-hood if he/she attends college)
  • You must spend 400,000 at any point a Lothario is alive to create a settlement fund for any children conceived out of wedlock.
  • You must construct a pool house or romantic lounge while a Lothario is alive. (Think a relaxing area for a date, with multiple WooHoo spots.)

“Wow, I uh, I didn’t realize just how uncontrollable we’d gotten there for a while. Who knew losing everything would also set your hormones out of whack, huh?”

Romance restrictions are lifted.

  • A Socialite must have a Roof Raiser of every type of party.
  • Toga and New Year’s Bash are excluded.
  • A Socialite must make and keep 20 Best Friends (This does not need to be their LTW)
  • A Socialite must throw a party every other day in college and still graduate.
  • A Socialite must start a Greek House and become a Big (Wo)man on Campus. They do not need to raise the rank of the House.
  • A spouse of a Socialite must be a maxed Politician or Slacker.
  • You must contribute 350,000 to a family party fund while a Socialite is alive.
  • You must build a party room while a Socialite is alive.

“I think I’m actually partied out. But hey, I did my part didn’t I? Everybody loves us again! Or, well, they know we throw great parties at least.”

Popularity Restrictions are lifted.

  • A Loving Sim must teach their child every toddler skill, studying, and said Sim must never drop below an A+ in school for any reason, and graduate with a 4.0.
  • A Loving Sim must reach the top of Education after their child has grown up to an Adult or left for College.
  • A Loving Sim must start a home business and reach level 10 within their lifetime, and then shut it down.
  • A Loving Sim must have a ‘sane’ spouse.
  • You must spend 400,000 to start a charity foundation in your family’s name while a Loving Sim is alive.
  • You must construct a play-area in your house while a Loving Sim is alive.

“I told you my family wasn’t so bad. May not be great but, well, I still love them to death. And we will make it through this.”

Family restrictions are lifted.

The End

The fog over your family clears. No more neuroses. No more paranoia. The family realizes, after a point, that at last they’re all….normal. The idea seems like such a foreign concept, but it’s true. They step forward, back into the history of SimNation, this time a brighter smile on their face from what they’ve overcome.


Other Stuff

Hey! Name's Jad. So, this is my first attempt creating a challenge. My goal was to create something quite difficult that could be done with virtually any family, and especially an established Legacy family, to keep playing the Sims fresh. I've been play testing for a while and I think I'm finally ready to see what other people have to say! If anyone gives it a shot, let me know how it is, difficulty wise and such, or even just any suggestions, so I know if there's any tweaks I have to make. Otherwise, if you take a spin on this, good luck!
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