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#1 Old 25th Feb 2018 at 9:45 PM
Default World objects on lots?
Hi all!

I'm working on a (super awesome) world and want to have some lakeside lots, but with a bulkhead instead of just sloping down to the water. I'm using the river side rail walls as the bulkheads and making the land on the lot side flush with the top. My question is, once I actually create the lot and extend it out into the water, will the wall interfere with my ability to drag a dock out into the water? (see attached screenshot) If so, would I be able to get past that with a cheat?

Thanks all!
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#2 Old 25th Feb 2018 at 10:04 PM
NVM! I answered my own question! And the answer is no - the walls do NOT interfere with the ability to drag a dock out into the water! HOO-FREAKING-RAY!!!!
#3 Old 26th Feb 2018 at 1:00 AM
Wow, that's amazing! I would never have thought you could do that. Good experiment!
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#4 Old 28th Feb 2018 at 9:05 PM
You can apply this in many ways (not only walls)

example: Arc de Triomphe, Place it on the map, place a lot under it (in that sequence, once the lot is placed you CAN'T place WO's anymore!). Now you've got the Arc on a Lot which you can edit... place a wall/fence in the opening (never had problems with "object blocks placing") and now you've got a big gate!! Make the ground on a spot just a little bit less high than the Arc, place a foundation fromout that spot (1 thick row AROUND the Arc is enough) and you can even make little towers on top of it (of "just" floor to walk on). SubTip: use a 2x2 tiled foundation beneath a part of that floor and with moveObjects cheat you can place an elevator from ground level to the top!

example 2: you want to make a combined lot (create a stable with livingquaters AND a Parcours AND a pathway around the parcours and all closed by one fence = use WO's fences= you can surround the total space with fences, connect the stable/living with the road(s) by placing the lot under those fences -> ingame you can delete the fences you want BUT can't place them = I prefer to have spare than to few... This example is "horse related" but you can place a industrial looking fence with lot(s) within as a plants but in the spare space you can place oildrums/trucks etc...

As said the limitation is that the object has to be placed before the lot! -> it's an object from the Map and not the lot and so won't interfere with "lot objects", grab it, replace it on the lot and it becomes a "lotobject" and WILL interfere (at some points)

Bonus: the funny thing is with a military tower 4 example; that tower can have 3 types:
Placed on map
Placed on map moved to lot
Placed on lot
= try to place those in a row and try to build a wall crossing the towers as expiriment and all the answers wil become clear!
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#5 Old 28th Feb 2018 at 9:16 PM
@Anno2015, could you please explain a little more, or post a screenshot, about example 2? I am about to start building an equestrian area in my world and am very interested in this. Also, what is a parcours? Is that like an arena? I actually did show jumping for 10 years IRL, but I'm not familiar with that term. Thank you for the information and examples! I'm very excited about experimenting with this further
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#6 Old 1st Mar 2018 at 8:04 PM
I will make screenshots in CAW in the next week (till saturday busy with work

with a parcours I meant a equestrian jumping course or circuit (when begin meets end like a atheletics course 4 example you may call it a circuit
(parcours is course in French and used over here in NL as well)
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#7 Old 8th Mar 2018 at 7:14 PM
Took a little longer and will be expanded over time (example with Arc as mentioned above I'll work out as well)

The Idea is pretty simple, if you want to connect a Lot with a World Object in general you've got to keep the rotation axis of the Object outside of the Lot. If you do that you can place Objects after the Lots (seen it's specific coordinations are outside of the lot), even if a part is placed over the Lot. The only thing to think about is who uses that World, only you or everyone (shared): Take the long fences as example, you made a closed off part of the map with only 1 Tile overlapse on the Lot with this fence (Object). When you grab the fence while editing the Lot the WHOLE fence has to be placed on the Lot (completely). Understanding this is crucial for building AS using the World as intended, people who just download because the pics look beautifull but don't read will create displacement of Objects!!! As builder you could (maybe should) know these principals but as user you'll never cross them unless the builder uses methods like this...

You can Fence off certain Area's, create intended use doing so and/or connect objects with lots

A. I Create 2 Area's of roughly 3 64x64 Lots wide and 4 Lots high, one for Horses and one for Industry (Company X)
B. Started placing fences around the Area alongside the road and where I wanted to place Lots I made openings in different ways, here I made one with little overlap (only there where needed to keep everything closed off).
C. The first Lot is placed, intended to be used as stables with 4 example underground parking and loading dock, at the front by the road there is a wide space, get that closed when building the Lot (build a wall of fence through it (will follow later)-Horse Range.
D. If you don't know how much space you want opened as entrance use a small fence (all rotated in the same direction to keep it closed off), the ones you don't need you can delete while building the Lot

E. A second Lot is placed with the same surrounding fences EXCEPT for the entrance, this Lot is placed 1 Tile from the road and the fence doesn't have an openening (& can't be made by user while building Lot seen it's outside the Lot). The "inner" opening has the same dimensions as Lot 1. Lot 2 will become indoor training (esquetarian large)
F. Lot 3 (under, see example D.) and 4 (center) are placed. Lot 3 will become a indoor horse Lot (Jumping etc) with public viewer seats. Lot 4 is a outdoor public horse show. (2xesquetarian large)
G. Roads and paths are made to connect the inner Lots BUT the acces it through Lot 1 & 3, I don't play with horses ingame (path's can be replaced with preffered route for horses, if they can cross terrain and path I would keep the paths inplace to have route for the sims to walk, maybe make a romantic spot by the lake, some tables public BBQ etc, these would normally only be used by those CROSSING the acces Lots. Possible Problem: AI Sims get "locked in" because they want to go home and not to the acces Lots
H. Created a "hay bay" a small transit Areaon the right accros the road and opposite both a large outside Area, the large Area has a overlapse in the fence (allongside the road) by Lot 1&2, this means you can build acces to the road and separate to the Large Area (to give Horses a space to grase but where they can't run away)
I. Seen you can built through WO you can connect objects with buildings, using horizontal drainage pipes or airducts 4 example. Progressing over time I'll make these examples where I'll show some creative ways to use this!

J. Here I used the same idea but only industrial themed, some Objects have some overlapse to connect them with building or instalations on the Lots, the "double spherical tanks form an ideal way to connect industrial plans together, the Cranes are crossing a loading dock Lot
K. At the bottom right I created A HQ Lot (large tower by raising terrain to the max before placing Lot) with parking space in front of the building and a heli pad at the side (as said over time more detailed examples will come
L. Might look "unnatural" turned like this but you can see; the advertising is placed in it's own cage and can't be accesed from the Area as from the road, the little shack can be accesed from the road (telcom/energy etc)

As you can see by using fence in the right way you can close off lots and only the Lot type of the acces Lots really matters, most of the time they are only used by players not AI (allthough they can and sometimes do). My preffered way of using this is for Private Lots:
A castle with own stables, parc, bathhouse
A Uni with park (out of Lot openings)

Using this is practice and creativity as said misuse can create a distorted world!
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#8 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 4:30 PM
Wow! Thank you for all of that information, Anno! I'll have to read that several times to really absorb everything you're saying, but I really appreciate your taking the time to explain it so thoroughly and with screenshots!
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#9 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 5:15 PM
Anno, do you have a link to some worlds you have done? I bet they are amazing.
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#10 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 9:09 PM
I almost never play with Sims but the building in sims is ok to create some idea's, some idea's fit on a Lot others you'll need a World but it's difficult to explain (think I made over 1000 Lots and over 200 Worlds over time) but tricks like this I need to create a decorative illusion (a fenced of Area 4 example) which is effective ingame, sometimes it's only visual (but all a creative thought), methods like in this post I need to visualize and while doing so I learn... What's wrong with sharing knowledge?

Originally Posted by Crashley1784
Wow! Thank you for all of that information, Anno! I'll have to read that several times to really absorb everything you're saying, but I really appreciate your taking the time to explain it so thoroughly and with screenshots!

No problem, it's complex stuff and hope you understand it.. Questions are free to ask

/me pretty busy @work lately but over time I'll get into more details (this is just the basics the examples made the idea's visual (where normally I've got an idea to make visual = the reason I test/know this stuff most examples will come out of a special made demo world but in the future I'll take some printscreen from previous build worlds if not possible in here (allready editing ingame to develop Lots. Trees I almost never "plant" seen I create worlds to test ideas; can spent days placing them for an idea I'm done with in a day (never know in advance

Originally Posted by daisylee
Anno, do you have a link to some worlds you have done? I bet they are amazing.

As mentioned above, I make my idea's visual... but almost never really finish a complete world, never uploaded one (perfectionist when I deliver work and seen I never finished a complete world and only place functional trees

On some things I'm proud some less; like the stuff explained above = testing over several worlds before I got it figured out = several not so good worlds.
You're pretty experienced as well and I guess you know how crucial placing (coordinates) can be for a perfect world and untill now I build while still learning new stuff (and got objects out of place doing so)

I promise that in this explanation world (Called DemoWolrd ingame by me) I'll combine as many techniques as possible without losing beauty; all examples where you can use these techniques I name in this topic I allready build and you can ask print screens (if Crashley1784 allows/agrees you can post those requests here... I'll place them in the spoiler beneath and then you can erase the post so we'll keep the topic clean about Crashley1784's request/question/finding-> I'll PM all requesting users once I made the printscreen collection; I Allready know it will be very picture heavy so I'll make a new topic when I post them!)

as a start for thought just out of my head:

lists will expand over time I guess, between additions I'll let 1 line open
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#11 Old 14th Mar 2018 at 8:49 AM
I think we all want our worlds to be perfect but I, at least, at some point just want them to be done and to play them. And if I find things that are must fixes I can go back and change them. I have done several versions of some of my worlds.

There are so many possibilities I think we could build for 100 years and never get them all done. I started an Atlantis but it was not working as I wanted so did my Greek Islands one instead. I also have wanted to a pirate theme world but so much CC would be needed, and I am not sure much is available. I still have that on my wish list though. And so many others.
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