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Default Disney Animals LC - Disney Legacy Spinoff (not Pets) (Update 10/7/18)
Credit to LadyLestat for the original challenge !

Edit - Added Style Influencer to Gen 8

About this Challenge

tags - disneyanimalslc, dalc

What do you MEAN it's not Pets?! - Well, first off, Pets are way more limited and unless you use a mod you can't control them. Second, I like the idea of humanizing them.

Why did I decide to make this?
I wanted this one to be a little different than my DisneySides challenge.
That particular one has like, 15 generations, and I accidentally didn’t leave a lot of room for deleting generations or rearranging them, even though that’s something in the rules I said you could do.

So this time, as my second challenge, I am going to restructure it in such a way that you can do so, and keep it at 10 gens


I don’t have many rules. What rules I do have, I feel like they make sense.

1 - Not as much World reconstruction going on in this one, just maybe perhaps throw down buildings that look like they’re from the Generation’s origin country, rather than Era, such as Denmark, France, German, Greek, Egyptian/Arabic, African, so on and so forth

2 - No adopting in your main household. Spares can adopt if you want.

3 - You can change the names, but to an extent. Such as ‘Vitani’ could be ‘Victoria’. Basically keep the first letter the same. Bonus if they sound similar.

  1. Genderbend the Generations
  2. Berrify it
  3. Make it LGBTQ
  4. Rearrange the order
  5. Take out movies, add movies (Frozen and Princess and the Frog for examples).
  6. Plow through a Gen
  7. Mod it
  8. cheat it
  9. make it a story
  10. Put pictures on tumblr
  11. Record it and put it on YT

You’re supposed to have fun. This is supposed to be a chill thing. Do what you do.


Unlike the DisneySides Legacy Challenge, I am not listing them in order of release, and certainly not by fav movie

This following generation order to me makes the most sense in terms of personalities of the Heirs

Generation 1 - Lion King
Traits: Evil, Snob, Genius
Aspiration - Public Enemy
General Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, very thin. Black and brown clothing

Make ‘Mufasa’. You could create a family for M, or you can play ‘off camera’ to find him one. This is Scar’s story, though, so as soon as M has a child, start creating some drama!

Kill M when his child is a toddler. Then ofc his off-spring kills Scar later.

Whether you find him a wife now or later, she has to be a blond woman who is - Evil, Materialistic and/or a Snob. Bonus if you rename her with a Z name referencing ‘Zira’. He has to have 3 children = Nuka, Vitani, Kovu.
(it’d be hilarious if you married Nancy Landgraab and just renamed/revamped her and her son)

He CANNOT die until ‘Kovu’ is a toddler.

Originally, this first gen was the cat Lucifer from Cinderella, then as I wrote the plotline I changed it to Scar.
However, I wanted to keep this because it was unique - meet an old woman who is very classy, so Materialistic/Snob. She doesn’t have to be Evil, instead she can be a Genius. You have to become Best Friends with her, and if she is your only friend, even better.
*I’ve watched many let’s plays and I’ve seen the frustration it can cause when a sim calls you when you’re busy doing something or it’s the middle of the night. SO, that being said, you CANNOT refuse this classy ol’ lady when she invites you either to a bar, or out to eat somewhere!

Generation 2 - Lion King 2
Toddler - Independant
Child Aspiration - Rambunctious Scamp
Traits - Bro, Self-Assured, Active
Aspiration - Bodybuilder/Soulmate/Super Parent
General Appearance - Blond with violet eyes (That’s what her wiki says her eyes are!)
Misguided, not really evil, just a rebellious nature but really a good person.

If you have to age Morgan Fyres down, that’s fine. I just imagined her and Morgan being the best of friends, or even getting together. Friends to lovers, even.

In the movie, Kiara is the one to turn Vitani and the rest over to the Good side. If you want to, instead, make Vitani a lesbian this would be a good chance to do so, because unless you kept up with Mufasa’s lineage then Kiara probably doesn’t exist.

So let’s give Kovu’s story to his sister.
Whoever she ends up with, their required trait has to be Good (which Morgan is), and Vitani’s mother has to try and keep her away from them. Which results in Vitani running away. She and her little brother are the closest, so she takes him with her.

She helps raise Kovu in the movie anyway, so this is where Super Parent comes in.
If she’s got a female partner, in order to have the next gen, you will probably have to change Vitani to ‘get others pregnant’ or use Master Controller or another mod to randomize who gets preggo.

Generation 3 - Black Cauldron
Toddler - Silly
Child Aspiration - Social Butterfly
Traits - Goofball, Good, Loves Outdoors
Aspiration - Friend of the World/Any outdoor aspiration once that’s done
Appearance - pale blond/light brown hair, blue eyes

A good boi who is adorable. Tries his best even if it doesn’t work out sometimes

As an adult, a career is your choice. If you end up finishing FotW and go for a Nature aspiration, focus on that, though!

Your biggest plotline is to try and be good friends with everyone you meet, with your best friend being a Bro, Outgoing, or Self-Assured.

It’s been a long time since I watched the movie, but I remember apples, so...Eat apples. Plant apple trees.

When looking for a partner, be the ‘third wheel’ or the moral support for your best friend trying to get with someone lovely. Play a little matchmaker, maybe. Through all of that, find someone that fits you the most.

Generation 4 - Emperor's New Groove
Toddler - Wild
Child Aspiration - Rambunctious Scamp! Go-go-go! If you complete that, do Whiz Kid
Traits - Creative, Erratic, Childish, Genius
Appearance - Brown hair
Aspiration - As a Young Adult, switch to Master Mixologist no matter what you’re on

“He always saw his father eating good food. Growing up, he ate pretty healthy. His father wanted him to try to at least do bake sales as a Scout, but if he did anything he was playing with the chemistry set!

When he became a teenager, he put in a good amount of effort, made his father proud, but no matter how hard he tried he wasn’t...happy. It was too boring. He wanted to do something exciting! But what could it be?!

Then his twenty first birthday. He went to his first club. Watching the mixologist creating amazing concoctions fascinated him. He finally figured out his calling!”

Master the Scout ‘career’
As a Teenager, get your Cooking skill to level 4 or 5. Trust me.

For an aspiration as a teenager, do whatever you want. Jump around and do the ‘first tier’ even of a bunch of them. You’re just not satisfied with life. You don’t know what you want to do. You’re erratic and your aspiration should change as often as your moods do.

On your birthday from Teen to YA, go to a bar, lounge, nightclub, anywhere with a mixology station. Sit at the bar and ‘watch’ them. Order several unique drinks, if you’d like. Don’t worry about money, it’s your birthday!

Once you are aged up, you may remove the Erratic trait to replace with Genius. It’s like you had a eureka moment! Everything’s falling into place!

Join the Culinary career, and you’re aiming for the top! Remember as I teen I told you to get your cooking skill to 4 or 5? That’s because cooking is a ‘requirement’ as a way to get promoted. But that’s not what you want to do! Get a bar for your home. That’s the only thing you need moving forward!

Two ways to meet Kronk.
In the Scouts (or at school)
While you’re in the first levels of your job before you are able to chose to be a mixologist.

What I would love? (and what I am going to do myself) Bucky and Kronk get together. Their children all have to be in scouts.

Generation 5 - Lilo and Stitch
Toddler - Charmer
Child Aspiration - Artistic Prodigy
Traits - Music Lover, Creative, Romantic
Aspiration - Musical Genius (Angel’s power is Song)
Appearance - Pink hair baby! (Technically she has black eyes, but it’d be so pretty if she had purple!)

Okay...Here’s some tea, guys. I like puns. Why do I say that? Because I know...I know last gen was Cooking/Mixology…BUT THINK OF THIS, ANGEL OWNS A BAKERY
THEN CALLS IT “Angel’s Cakes and Sweet Treats”

It would be beneficial if Angel is the first born. That way as a toddler and child, you’d still be working towards getting Bucky to lvl 10 of his career. Taking care of a toddler is enough of a chore, then as a child you throw her in Scouts, and make her practice violin and singing. Boom, taken care of.

Angel’s story starts as a teenager, where opposite of Bucky, Angel LOVES to cook.
*I will continue to refer to this generation in the way I will play it*
She cooks with her father Kronk. Their family has a huge kitchen with multiple stoves, fridges, and other appliances so they don’t get in each other’s way. If she has younger siblings, she becomes the main provider while her fathers focus on their dreams.

One day, she has a late night conversation with Kronk. This is where she ‘finds out’ his real dream has always been to own his own restaurant. That’s where Angel perks up and tells him she would love to own her own bakery. Kronk gets a brilliant idea. So secretly he talks to Bucky, and they spend some time saving up the money.

In sim-time - a few days before Angel’s Teen to YA birthday, have Kronk quit his job and focus on building/starting the bakery.

In story-time - Angel finds Kronk spending a morning cooking and she knows that he’s supposed to be at work. She’s confused, but believes he simply took the time off and goes about her day. As the days continue she gets concerned/suspicious. Then on the day of her birthday, she’s whisked away early in the morning by both her fathers (Bucky took vacation time) and is shown the bakery. Story-time it’s the opening day, when in sim-time it should’ve been open for a while that way you get some good flow of people to give Angel a good birthday!

(If it’s possible to set a birthday party location to be your own bakery, do that)

After Angel ages up, she and Kronk work together to run the bakery (in the end simply making sure Bucky’s work priorities are met so he can continue in his career without you).

That’s all you have to do. Bake sweets and cakes. Even at the markets, sell your sweets!

Meet your blue-haired wonderboy (aka Stitch) as a YA.

Generation 6 - Alice in Wonderland
Toddler - Inquisitive
Child Aspiration - Whiz Kid
Traits - Cat Lover, Insider, Self-Assured
Aspiration - Chief of Mischief
Appearance - Create a fabulous mixture of Tim Burton Cheshire and Disney Cheshire!!!
Creepy mischievousness, not really evil

In my head, as I’ve created each story so far, Cheshire makes the most sense to be the next in line.

I decided ‘Insider’ as one of the traits because I wanted to play with Clubs. Hehe, get it?

Since you can have 6-8 people in a Club I’d put Cheshire, Hatter, March Hare, Mouse, and the Tweedle siblings in one Club

Then the Red Queen, Rabbit, Rose, Jabberwocky, and the rest her guards

The Mediator/Extra Club would be Caterpillar, The Door, Dodo, Walrus and Carpenter and Bill

Alice would be a Household rather than a club, with her sister and cat. I am going to have Cheshire play matchmaker and get Hatter and Alice together because OTP, but you can get Cheshire and Alice together if you’d like.

Generation 7 - Hercules
Toddler - Silly
Child Aspiration - Social Butterfly
Traits - Goofball, Childish, Art Lover
Aspiration - Joke Star
Appearance - Do whatever you’d like with ‘white and blue’
However - fashion sense = horrible. Miss-match patterns and colors. Be ‘creative’ in the form of clothing choices. Think of “Diego Lobo” *shudder*

Pegasas has to be one of my favorite Disney animals. Oh, my god. Sass master!
Entertainer Career - Comedian

I enjoyed the idea of being an ‘art lover’ since Pegasas is Greek, and it would be amusing going to museums for the hell of it!

I’m allowing creative freedom for this one. I couldn’t really think of anything.

Generation 8 - Oliver and Company
Toddler - Fussy
Child Aspiration - Whiz Kid
Traits - Perfectionist, Snob, Romantic
Aspiration - Leader of the Pack/Friend of the Animals
Appearance - Blue hair with pink ribbon (if you don’t want to use CC, a pink necklace would work)

Now, for this one, I really wanted to play with a “fashion icon”

I also wanted to own a fashion store. So there’s that.
Own a poodle!

“Georgette growing up always hated the look of her father’s clothes. Such a handsome face, but even her mother couldn’t get him to dress differently. ‘It’s my style! I can’t change, anyway, my fans would hate it!’ he would say.

So fine. If he wanted his artistic expression to be in his clothes, then she could do the same, but be better.”

Georgette always has to look fabulous! Not just in clothes, but her makeup, hair, and accessories!
*I know with the eyelashes accessories like bracelets and nails can conflict. You will have to figure out a way around this or go without the lashes.

Change clothes often. As a toddler, switch categories all the time. I’ve seen toddlers wearing sparkly halloween dresses during summertime simply because they wanted to/demanded it.
Go ‘shopping’ with your mother at least once a week as a child.
As a teenager/adult go out with your girlfriends any chance you get.*
* basically turn their invites places into ‘shopping trips’. Go to whatever lot they want you at, look around, then go into CAS and dress appropriately or switch categories immediately

The challenge here will be to not utilize the ability to have 5 outfits in each category. If you’re changing up her outfit, and really like something, take a screenshot for later reference.

Join the Style Influence career as soon as possible.
Create the fashion store you will be owning and work on making it the best it can be!

Also, yoga and wellness! A great scene with Georgette is her doing the leg-up exercise. Go to the Spa often. Own a yoga matt and meditation pillow thing.

Meet your lover anytime, but he has to be a rascally scamp/rocker dude!

Generation 9 - Lion King
Toddler - Wild
Child Aspiration - Rambunctious Scamp
Traits - Loves Outdoors, Cheerful, Good
Aspiration - City Native/Friend of the Animals
Appearance - Doesn’t matter, takes after his father though

Master the Wellness Skill!
Master Friend of the animals!

The only idea that I had or this was create a Tutor Club, where people get together to do homework. Frequent the Library.

As a YA and onward, turn the Tutor Club into a Meditation Club. Frequent the Spa.

Best friend is a ginger

Generation 10 - Aristocats
Scat Cat
Toddler - Angelic
Child Aspiration - Artistic Prodigy
Traits - Music Lover, Romantic, Dance Machine
Aspiration - Musical Genius/Party Animal
Appearance - Black hair, red necklace

Back with Angel, musical genius was a side piece. This time, we’re going full ham!

Master your personal favorite instrument, but own and use the others as well

Entertainment Career - Musician

Have a Ginger for a best friend like your father
Try and shoot for Gold Parties when you have them outside of Party Animal

Besides that, like with Pegasas, do whatever you’d like with this one!
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Definitely want to try this one! I'm a disney nerd!
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