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Tips for creating a mod

I’m super new to modding and I wanted to know if it were possible to make a mod for the Sims 4 that would allow your sim to randomly get fired/laid off from their job by certain percentage chances for reasons like company downsizing or their coworker got jealous because they were getting promoted more than they were so they spread a bad rumor around your sim and got them fired or maybe even for trait related reasons like a flirty sim tried to woohoo a coworker or even their boss or something like that, I haven’t come up with the full details yet. I would like that in my game, I don’t know if other players would like that in theirs but I’d put it in mine in a heartbeat but nobody has made it yet so I decided I wanted to be the one to make it but I don’t even know if it’s possible.

If anyone could tell me if it’s possible to make or also any tips on how I could make it, would be awesome because I could use all the help I can get since I’ve never made a mod like this from scratch haha.

Thank you!
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An ambitious idea, to say the least. Getting fired is already in the game, you'd have to find a way, maybe through the "ask for advice"-interactions that kids and teenager use. Most of the rest it does sound like it would need rabbitholes and there are none in The Sims 4. How new to modding are you? This would have to be a huge script mod and if you haven't done xml-scripts yet, do that first.
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Should be possible with chance cards, I'd think. The logic behind the chance cards is really complex though. Drama nodes are simpler, they don't run while the Sim is at work but could be used to trigger a phone call from the boss saying don't bother to come back in. Would definitely be easiest to just have it come up with a random reason why you'd get fired, but it could use traits to affect the weight chance of particular results.

Definitely ambitious though if you're indeed super new to modding.
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