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Default Sims 4 Arrested Development Challenge
I just started re-watching this show, and figured what better way to showcase the Sims 4 wacky style with the TV’s most dysfunctional family! This challenge kind of takes place in the earlier seasons of the show but there’s no plot spoilers. The goal of this challenge is the same as the show - save the family business and keep the family together!

To begin, create 1 Bluth Family Household (you’ll be splitting them up later). If you have mods, great! If not, just make George in a separate household and marry Lucille; it’s not ideal but I think it should work. In this household make Lucille, George, Gob, Michael, Buster, Lindsay, Tobias, Maeby, and George-Michael Bluth as follows:

1. Lucille Bluth: scheming matriarch of the family, married to George.
~Female elder
~Traits: materialistic, snob, mean
2. George Bluth: patriarch of the family, arrested for poor business practices
~Male elder
~Traits: self-assured, non-committal, ambitious
3. Gob Bluth: oldest child of Lucille and George Bluth, a magician and serial romantic.
~Adult male
~Traits: romantic, goofball, non-committal
4. Michael Bluth: younger son of Lucille and George Bluth, a businessman who tries to hold his family together.
~Adult male
~Traits: family-oriented, ambitious, good
5. Buster Bluth: youngest child of Lucille and George Bluth, an awkward mama’s boy.
~Young adult male
~Traits: loner, childish, squeamish or geek
6. Lindsay Bluth Funke: spoiled daughter of Lucille and George, married to Tobias and mother of Maeby.
~Female adult
~Traits: romantic, materialistic, insider or noncommittal
7. Tobias Funke: wife of Lindsay and father of Maeby, a former doctor and never-nude.
~Adult male
~Traits: dance machine, squeamish or cheerful, creative
8. Maeby Funke: daughter of Tobias and Lindsay Funke, a mischievous teenager and a compulsive liar. She is often forgotten by her parents, so she acts out for attention.
~Teen female
~Traits: self-assured, romantic, mean
9. George-Michael Bluth: son of Michael Bluth, a generally good kid but cripplingly awkward. A long running joke in the show is his crush on his cousin Maeby.
~Teen male
~Traits: good, loner, genius

Split the main Bluth/Funke household into 3 parts; Lucille and Buster in one household, George Bluth on his own, and the rest in a single household. Create Lucille and Buster a small place of their own (in the show they live in a penthouse, I don’t have City Living). Make George’s lot look like a Prison, and create the Model Home for the rest of the characters. I recommend Newcrest for the Model Home, really captures that empty neighborhood vibe.

If you’d like to make side characters, such as Lucille 2 or Ann, feel free however, they aren’t necessary for the challenge. Relationships you have with them will do impact some rolls, so if you don’t make them just pretend the relationship is 0%.

Playing the Challenge
The goal of this challenge is to save the family business by earning $50,000 by working and through events. If you drop below $0 in family funds you lose. Your main character is Michael Bluth, he is the only character who can have a career. The only other character allowed to work is George-Michael (part-time), and Maeby is allowed to have money making hobbies. However, you don’t have to only play him! Control the whole family, build and destroy relationships, cause mayhem Bluth style! The relationships members have with each other determines the outcome of events in the challenge.
Once the characters and lots are made, give Michael the Business career and begin. You must visit George Bluth at the Prison at least once a week and roll for an event with a 1-12 number generator when you do so. However, you can visit him (and roll) more often if you’re feeling lucky. During every visit Michael must do at least 1 mean interaction with George.

1. A model home very similar to the one you’re living in has been found in Iraq.
>50% friendly with Lucille - She calls in an old favor and helps you spin the story: -$1000
General - Bluth stocks are frozen: -$5000
<50% friendly with George - A signed contract with George and Saddam Hussein’s names is found: -$10000
2. The mother-boy pageant is this weekend.
Lucille & George-Michael are friends - They go together and win: +$1000
Lucille & Buster are friends - The judges think Buster is a little too old for this: no change
3. Gob wants to do an illusion at the office (roll again).
(1-6) The investors love it: +$3000
(7-12) The box got jammed and the fire department had to free the investor: -$3000
4. George-Michael asks a girl out on a date.
>25% romantic with Ann - George-Michael goes on a date with Ann to Youth Group and is forced to give a tithe: -$50
George-Michael asks out Maeby but she thinks its a joke: no change
5. Lindsay chooses to Save the Llamas because she really cares about animal welfare (not at all because of the cute guy holding a sign earlier).
>50% friendly with Lindsey - you find a more attractive guy at the club and convince him to ask Lindsay out; he buys her a designer bag: +$500
Lindsay gives money to the cause: -$3000
6. George has a new business idea.
>50% friendship with George - You decide to try it out, I mean he built this company right (roll again)?
~(1-4) It’s actually a good and legal idea: +$3000
~(5-12) It’s very illegal, and the FCC catches it: -$8000
<50% friendship with George but >0% - You shoot the idea down: no change
<0% friendship with George - George puts Gob in charge to implement the idea, so you have to do your work and Gob’s work: -$2000 and roll again
7. You’re leaving this family! This time for real!: take a vacation day from work and do something fun
8. Lucille steals Lucille 2’s renovation crew to fix her bathroom.
<50% relationship with Lucille - Pay Lucille 2 for her troubles: -$2000
>50% relationship with Lucille - Roll your eyes and keep moving: no change
9. Lindsay needs another nose job: -$500
10. Lindsay and Tobias go to a marriage counselor.
>50% romantic relationship between Lindsay and Tobias - The counselor tells them to support each other’s goals, so Tobias pays for acting lessons: -$2000
>50% friendly relationship between Lindsay and Tobias, <50% romantic - The counselor suggests trying an open marriage: go on 1 date each with Tobias and Lindsay with other people.
<50% friendly and <50% romantic between Tobias and Lindsay - The counselor suggests divorce (roll again).
~(1-4) They decide the counselor is a fraud and stay married: no change
~(5-8) Lindsay keeps custody of Maeby, move out Tobias
~(9-12) Tobias keeps custody of Maeby, move out Tobias and Maeby
11. Maeby lands a job as a film executive:
>Level 3 Writing skill - Maeby is able to fake it for awhile: +$3000
General - they find out she’s only a teenager: no change
12. There’s always money in the banana stand.
>75% friendly with George - ONE TIME ONLY find the cash in the banana stand: +$25000
>0% friendly with George - Shrug it off as a joke: no change
<0% friendly with George - Burn it to the ground, then realize you have to rebuild it later: - $3000 and NEVER get option (a) for the rest of the challenge
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