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Default 1 click high foundation frustration
I made a gas station with a 1 click high foundation and added one step for my sims to use to go up to foundation level. The problem is that the sim can't seem to use the step and just stands there complaining that there isn't a clear path. Is there a work around for this other than bringing the building down to ground level or making the foundation a 2 click foundation? I would prefer to keep the look of the 1 click as it matches well with the island I made for the gas pumps. So I guess what I'm asking is is there an edit that can be done to the step to allow the sim to use it?
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You need it to be 2 clicks for the sims to navigate the steps.

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I answered this on FB, but I'll leave it here for future googlers. You need this simple passage stair from HugeLunatic to make this work.
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