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Question: OFB Setting Uniforms Hack

Okay, so I'm not a modder, but I've been recently playing TS2 and trying to run a business. Of course, we all know about inability to change into a uniform/outfit without the sims losing their eyebrows. I am aware of the Gussy Up workaround, but that's a bit much because my "Change Appearance" menu takes forever to load due to the amount of custom content that I have, and doing that for every time I want them in their uniform is just annoying. I was looking around to see if there was any mod that would allow for multiple Everyday outfits [Kinda like the Sims 4], but found nothing.

So, maybe I was wondering if it would be possible to create a dresser that would allow for you to have an "Everyday 1" and "Everyday 2" option, the "Everyday X" options would allow players to set/select the outfit/uniform for their sims, thus allowing them to keep their face/eyebrows.
Now for having NPCs dress in uniform, either you'd have to use a mod that allows you to control that sim and click on the dresser and have them select the "Everyday X" option. Or it could have an option for you to click on the dresser, select a sim on the lot, then change that NPC into that uniforms/outfit.

As I mentioned, I'm not a modder, I'm just curious would this be possible, and maybe a better/faster solution to changing employee's outfits.
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I tried that but couldn't get it to work. Sims do have three casual outfits and the op-codes give us access to Casual 1, Casual 2 and Casual 3 separately. In the outfits the category for everyday is 7 which is actually flags 1,2 and 3 or 1+2+4 so they can be made separately. I wanted my sims to have a scruffy outfit for gardening and working on restoring a car and a neat casual outfit for going out to dinner. I made some outfits in the single casual categories and made a dresser where they could plan and change into the specific casual outfit but it wouldn't stick. It seems sims will only store one casual outfit in their character file so changing from one casual category to another required re-planning the desired outfit every time which made the whole exercise pointless.
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